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Imaging Spectrometer

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凯时K66会员登录 -(中国)集团
SMAIS-I Airborne Imaging Spectrometer can simultaneously detect two-dimension geometric space and one-dimension spectral information to form corresponding data cube. It has quasi real time image processing function. By using real time image processing software, users can realize the quasi real time spectral image processing and analysis. It can be applied to military fields such as camouflage and anti-camouflage recognition, anti-terrorism, resource census, environmental monitoring, precision agriculture and other civil fields.
1.Camouflage and anti-camouflage recognition
2.Investigation of battlefield environment
3.Environmental monitoring
4.Special target detection
5.Resource exploration and search
6.Agriculture and forest survey
凯时K66会员登录 -(中国)集团

凯时K66会员登录 -(中国)集团
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凯时K66会员登录 -(中国)集团
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